1. Soktas Amazing Shirting Collection

2. Officine Paladino Linen & Cotton Collection

3. A Gift Shirt For Each Holland & Sherry Suit

4. Free Shipping World Wide 

Enjoy H&D Tailor’s Spring/Summer 2020 promotion. Apply for the coolest summer selections down below.

Soktas Shirt Combo

Buy 1 at 5,200,000 each   

      5 at 4,600,000 each only

All the rarest linen colors & patterns from Soktas are here just for you.


Enjoy 10% off for Officine Paladino's Cotton & Linen Collection.


Enjoy a gift of 1 Italian cotton shirt valued $150 

for each Holland & Sherry suit

*Gift value is exchangeable between all shirt lines available at H&D Tailor.

*Free shipping applies in conjunction for order valued from $1200

*Gift value can not be converted to currency.



Till November 30th
 We offer free shipping worldwide for any purchase from $700. Enjoy your staycation!


*Free shipping within zone 1- 6. The rest of the world enjoy 60% discount on your shipment

*Not included Import duties and Clearance fees where applicable in your country

*Not applicable in conjunction with other promotions for order value under $1200

*Can apply in conjunction with other promotions for order value from $1200

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