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Fabric: Eco-Traveller® by Holland & Sherry 2619000/100% Wool Worsted/ 230gm 7.5oz

Buttons: Natural grey horn. Natural horn rarely available in grey color. This button set have a beautiful diversity of pattern on each button and incredibly clear texture.

Perfectly aligned glen check by H&D Tailor. Ideal to match with a pair of light beige chinos.


​Finish up with fully hand sewn buttonholes and a Milanese lapel buttonhole.



Tuxedo jacket made from Ermenegildo Zegna matte black Gabardine fabric.

With grosgrain peak lapels.

Using Holland & Sherry's grosgrain, made of natural wool & silk blended. Pure natural grosgrain is a rare material to be found nowadays. It is favored as a more subtle option to lustrous satin silk for Tuxedo's lapels.

​Finish up the look with the iconic Milanese buttonhole on the lapel.

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This blue blazer is made of pure wool fabric but with an open weave or so call hopsack weave that is very breathable and provides a natural crease-resistant, which is what makes it a go-to fabric for Spring and Summer

Blue blazer is an essential piece in a men's wardrobe due to its versatility to mix and match with many other types and colors of clothes


Bright yellow checks over light blue - an ideal color combination for a fresh Summer look.

With fastening pockets details that give a more casual look.

Lastly, why not match the last cuff buttonholes and lapel buttonhole - fully hand sewn, with the jacket's bright yellow check for some fun.


Brown & blue check over a beige base

Fabric: Dormeuil _ England

Code 6W07/38/02 

100% Wool I 435gr

A timeless color palette for Autumn/Winter

Tailored by H&D Tailor

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