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​How It Works

A brief of the ordering process at H&D Tailor.


Book A Consultation

Select fabric & style

​Get Measured



1st Fitting will be ready 5-7 days after placed the order



​Order will ready for pickup 7-10 days after the final fitting

1.Make a consultation appointment with us, H&D Tailor team is always ready to assist you creating the perfect garment for your need and references.

Enjoy the pleasure to freely design, select from H&D Tailor’s wide range of materials, decide styling & every small details for your suit/shirt/trousers.


Once you decide to go head with an order, our Master Tailor will take your measurements, assess your posture to give consultation and take 3 pictures of your poster to refer to when cutting your suit. We would also ask you to sign our terms and make payment.

2.Fitting: The 1st fitting, created from your personal pattern, will be ready in 5-7 days from the consultation appointment. At the first fitting, the Master Tailor will advise if more fittings is needed.

3.Pickup: Your suit will be ready for pickup in the next 7-10 days after the final fitting.


Bespoke tailor suits & shirts from premium fabrics

H&D Tailor_Collar & Cuff Styles.jpg

Have fun customizing lining and button choices 

Shirt Cuff & Collar Bar

How Repurchase Works


You can repurchase directly at our store or online via H&D Tailor’s mail box_


Once you have had the first purchase with all measurements, fitting details and personal pattern stored in our system, Online Order Service is available for you. You can order from almost any part of the world. We ship worldwide using DHL Express. Simply email us your inquiry, our team will reply and guide you through our online ordering process.


What makes the value of a bespoke garment from H&D Tailor. The story behind each garment that was made exclusively for you at H&D Tailor workshop.

"Small details make big difference"

Handmade Buttonhole.jpg

​Hand Sewn Buttonhole - Front

Handmade Buttonhole- in the back.JPG
H&D Tailor Vietnam.jpg

​Hand Sewn Buttonhole - Back

Lapels top stitching, along with each button & buttonhole are fully hand sewn on all H&D Tailor bespoke jacket, gives it a sophisticated beauty that is humbly told through the level of attention & hours of work of artisans had put into the making of these fine details. 

Our trousers come with hand sewn angled hem, something you might hardly recognize, but can only be found in bespoke garments. Angled hem will help the trousers fall nicely on your dress shoes and look more slick than un-angled trousers hem. The explanation is that sometimes you just don’t know why a pair of trousers looked more dapper on you than the others. These are just to name a few of how such small details can make a big difference to the final outcome.


H&D Tailor is proud to be able to deliver such delicate handcrafted details in every of our products. We cherish such forms of art as well as our artisans who perform the art.

Suit Basting.jpg
H&D Tailor Vietnam_Pattern.jpg

At H&D Tailor, we care about sustainability and the well-being of artisans working on your clothes. Our team and craftsmen are working in a fully equipped workspace and are always given enough time to craft each masterpiece. We don’t trade craftsmanship for a shorter time.

Each customer at H&D Tailor will have their own pattern created by our Master Tailor. This pattern will be refined along the way until your suit is completed. Your pattern will then be stored carefully at our workshop, along with all measurements stored in our database. This makes sure that your next order either online or in-store, is accurate and swiftly.

Get a piece of art made for yourself now at H&D Tailor

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